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Vanilla5 v2

Starting projects can be a slow painful process. You have to insert and link all your CSS and javascript, set up folders, do CSS resets, and a bunch of other things. Why not make it easy on yourself and download something that already has that done for you. Enter Vanilla5. As an added bonus comes set up already for responsive design and LESS/SCSS.

Need further proof of how awesome it is. This site was made with it, along with dozens of others. It's that good.

  • Basic HTML5 template with a header, page contents, and a footer
  • Basic CSS, LESS, or SCSS file set up with CSS reset, mixins, variables, includes (where applicable), and responsive stylesheets.
  • Print stylesheet included
  • Links to the latest jQuery (local and CDN)
  • Folders setup for images, includes, and creative
  • iOS touch icon and Windows Tile included and setup
  • PSD included based on the 960grid.
  • Javascript and CSS to fix HTML5 support for IE
  • Set up for Google Analytics